Monoceros Digital Consulting now offers hosting of private Mastodon instances. Mastodon is an open-source defederated social media network, where you can create your own private server and link (or “federate”) it up with other servers. Private servers are the perfect way to carve out a small, focused space on the Internet in which to share your views, promote your products, or hang out with your peers.

The basic service starts at $15/month, and is best suited for small businesses and private instances with up to 5 user accounts. Each instance comes with unlimited data storage, ten processing threads and our personal attention. We make sure that all servers are kept healthy, so that you can focus on shaping your community and engaging with your followers. We also let you scale up your instance as needed.

But what if you’re following so many accounts that your instance is starting to fall behind? What happens when you get more account sign-ups than you can easily handle? When that happens, you can easily buy extra capacity, with practically no downtime for your community.

Contact us to launch your own server today!

Service Details

Media storageUnlimited
Processing threads10 (upgradable)
Who is responsible for server maintenance?Monoceros Digital Consulting
Who keeps Mastodon up to date?Monoceros Digital Consulting
Who looks after backups?Monoceros Digital Consulting
Who sets the rules for my community?You
Who is in charge of moderation?You


Core service (Web interface, database, media storage)$15per month
Additional processing capacity (per ten threads)$15per month
Domain name registration and management (if you don’t have your own)$15per year